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Kolanji Tamilrockers

Kolanji is an Indian drama comedy movie written and directed by Dhanaram Saravanan since 2019 and produced by Naveen. Kolanji Tamilrockers movie stars Samuthirakani, Sanghavi, Rajaji, Naina Sarwar and Kirubakaran.

kolanji Tamilrockers

The film presents the cinematography of Vijayan Munusamy, the edition of Athiyappan Siva and the music of Natarajan Sankaran. The film was released on July 26, 2019.

The Kolanji’s teaser, released three years ago, immediately reminded me of this movie. The film shows an 11-year-old hero who is angry at social injustice against a friend I have never seen in a Tamil film by a very young person.

Kolanji Movie First Look Poster

It is now confirmed that the First Look poster for the Movement for Choices is no less than that of the famous Indian filmmaker P.C. Sereram. Naveen and PC confirmed the message.

It always known that the PC cherishes young talent and has now taken small encouraging steps for Naveen. We hope the two come together to make films and work together. Under the guidance of his former colleague Dhanaram Saravanan, Naveen was the producer of the Tamil film “Kolanji”.

Kolanji Movie Story

The film starts with the violent battles of the father of Kolanji (Kirubakaran), Appasamy (Samuthirakani), who is an atheist. Kolanji’s emotions and behavior caused problems with his father, who always continued to abuse and defeat her. It created hatred for his father in Kolanji, but he seemed happy when he with his uncle Gemini (Rajaji of the famous Moodar Koodam) and helped him to love his cousin sister Poongoodi (Naina Sarwar).

The story revolves around his feelings about Kolanji and his father and changes dramatically after an incident with his sister. The story below tells how Kolanji recognized his father’s love when a villager ran into trouble with his son.

I truly believe that this film will discuss the need to love and respect others from the perspective of children, the pillars of the future of the country. Now that I’m watching this movie, I have to admit that I can’t go wrong. The main character Kolanji, who made Samuthirakani (who also played in the film) in the promotion, turned out to a mini version of the typical Kollywood hero.

Actor Samuthirakani

Although humor works in some scenes, there are too many tracks that don’t work. Kolanji and Adivangi and Samuthirakani are important in the film for the show. This film is somewhat reminiscent of Samuthirakani Appa and also attacks people whose parents are strict during their growth.

Pushpams cousin accidentally burned the palm of Appaswamy’s youngest son, and in the nearby theater an angry father hit him and his wife. Pushpam later left the house and went to his brother and Kolanji, who happy to escape from his father because of a mistake he had planned to divorce his parents. There the following scenario between all these characters and how to solve all these problems.

Kolanji Tamilrockers Movie Music

The score and soundtrack of the film composed by Natarajan Sankaran. The album released on February 9, 2017. Cinematographer P.C. While Sriram released the movie poster in June 2016, actress Silambarasan released a preview of the movie that same month.

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