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Dharmaprabhu Tamilrockers

Dharmaprabhu is a Tamil Indian comic film from 2019, written and directed by Muthukumaran. Dharmaprabhu Tamilrockers film was shot by P. Ranganathan with a banner from Sri Vaari Films. Yogi Babu played an important role in the film and supporting roles included Radha Ravi, Sam Jones, Ramesh Thilak and Rajendran.

Justin Prabhakaran composed the music for the film, the San Lokesh editions and the cinematography Mahesh Muthuswamy. Satellite and digital rights have sold to Sun Network. The first broadcast took place on Sunday, August 18, 2019 on Sun TV (India).

Dharmaprabhu Movie First Look Poster

Tamil actor Yogi Babu in Dharma Prabhu First Look Poster. Yogi Babu is today one of the most sought after actors in the industry. He has published various publications in recent months.

Kolamaavu Kokila, Junga, Echarikkai and Pariyerum Perumal are among them. There are more than 10 films under construction or awaiting release.

Dharmaprabhu Movie Story

Popular comedian Yogi Babu is ready to direct Dharmaprabhu. Muthukumaran, who directed the film with Kannirasi von Vannal-Varalakhmi, directed.

We learn that history speaks of the god of death, Yemen and his successor. It reported that there is a rope between the heirs of the family (Yogi Babu) and Chitragupta (Karunakaran).

The Dharma Prabhu said to held in the fictional world of Yamalokam, where the term of Lord Yama ends. When it is time to choose the next patch, the battle cry between the family heir (Yogi Babu) and the Indraguptan (Karunakaran) begins, creating an avalanche of fun events.

While Mahesh Muthuswamy interested in the camera, Justin Prabhakaran had come to compose music.

After the plot, this film looks like an actress. A huge group has established that represents Yamalokam. The film program that started in December ends quickly.

Mahesh Muthuswamy will film the camera and Justin Prabhakaran will compose the music. Yogi Babu last seen in the star of Nayanthara Kolamaavu Kokila. It is on the Sarkar pipeline, Viswasam.

Dharmaprabhu Tamilrockers Movie Music

“It is great to see that my friend is a producer and Yogi Babu works hard to maintain a position as an actor in the competition. I have worked with almost all filmmakers in the industry, but it is a greater joy for me “writes Yugabharathi.

“When actor Rekha said:” When director Muthukumar came to see me to play the mother of Yogi Babu, I gladly accepted it because I thought it would very fun and entertaining scenes.

The film’s plan would revolve around two characters, Yogi Babu and Karunakaran, who constantly fought in Yamalokam to get the god of death, Yeman.

The next comedy should have on stage in Chennai since December 14, when the big stage set up. The film funded by Sri Vaari Films and Justin Prabhakaran composed the music while Mahesh Muthuswamy behind the lens.

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