Dhanusu Raasi Neyargale Movie Review

Dhanusu Raasi Neyargale Tamilrockers

Dhanusu Raasi Neyargale is a romantic Tamil comic film written and directed by the controversial Sanjay Bharathi. Dhanusu Raasi Neyargale Tamilrockers movie produced by Gokulam Gopalan. The film includes Harish Kalyan, Digangana Suryavanshi (from Tamil) and Reba Monica John.

The music composed by the cinematography of PK Varma by Ghibran and edited by Kubendran. The film premiered on December 6, 2019. The hero a car mechanic who is widely used in astrology. The film follows the story that examines the signs of the zodiac before making a decision and explores the area of ‚Äč‚Äčsuperstition in today’s world.

Dhanusu Raasi Neyargale First Look Poster

The first poster of the film officially released by actor Sivakarthikeyan on his official Twitter account. The first single poster and female executives of Harish Kalyan in this film. After that Harish Kalyan also plays the role of hero Dharala Prabhu, the Tamil remake of the successful donor Hindi Vicky Donor.

Although Harish Kalyan has in the industry for several years, he started his career only after completing his roles in Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1, organized by Kamal Haasan.

He took advantage of his popularity and the film Pyaar Prema Kaadhal became one of the best films in 2018. However, the actor did not know that he could not play the same character with slight differences in all his films.

Dhanusu Raasi Neyargale Movie Story

As the title suggests, this is a romantic film that plays an important role in astrology. The first scene in the trailer shows that the Harish character found romance in a girl from another community / language.

Then he continues to explain the story of Harish, who is looking for a woman who matches the sign of the sun. The trailer for Harish Kalyan Dhanusu Raasi Neyargale is out.

The essential essence of Dhanusu Raasi Neyargale certainly seems interesting, but unfortunately everything seems outdated. In the first half there no comedy scene and the generally nice Munishkanth got lost. In this film, Yogi Babu tells the whole story, but never laughs again.

As a genre of romantic comedy, there is not even a good comic scene. Speaking of romance, this film is about lust and not about love.

Although it sounds good, this is not the only criterion for the public to get an unpleasant film on the screen. It is not bad against an artist, but Digangana Suryavanshi cannot act to save his life.

Dhanusu Raasi Neyargale Tamilrockers Movie Music

The soundtrack composed by Ghibran. The first single “I Want a Girl” sung by Anirudh Ravichander and released on November 7, 2019.

The film released on December 6, 2019 and generally open to negative reviews. It not a new trend that many films announce the same release date and change the release date near the release date because they not shown at the end.

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