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Rajavukku Check Tamilrockers

Rajavukku Check is a Tamil India 2020 thriller movie written and directed by Sai Rajkumar. Rajavukku Check Tamilrockers film, Cherán plays the lead role, Irfan’s antagonist in supporting roles with actors Srushti Dange, Sarayu and Nandana Varma.

The film will feature the music of Vinod Yajamaanyaa and the cinematography of Mr. S. Prabhu. The film discusses the problems and some things only reach the audience as a player as he says. Cheran shows a new perspective on RC.

Director Sai Rajkumar

When we first saw King Senthoor Pandian, he was lying on his back on the bed. The phone rang, but instead of picking it up, he picked up the bottle of schnapps.

We have an agent who throws beer idols into the Tamil cinema, but what makes this scene so surprising is that it embodies the king of the last actor Cheran you expect to play as a drunken agent.


Cheran returned violently after a long pause. The actor and filmmaker, made side by side for the next director, Thirumanam, completes the film with an emotional thriller, Rajavukku Check, directed by Sai Rajkumar. Producers Soman Pallatte and Thomas Kokkatt are filmmakers for the first time in Malayalam, in Tamil.

Rajavukku Check Tamilrockers Movie Story

Regarding the role of the actor in the film, he said: “When I wrote the script, I was only convinced that Cheran should play the lead. The film discusses issues and some things will not reach the audience only if a player like he says so I waited because he was busy with Thirumanam.

Photographing Rajavukku Check was a learning experience for the actor who made 13 films in Malayalam. It took a while to learn Tamil. “I was a little nervous at the beginning. But I easily understand why the crew supports Cheran Pak. It was great and taught me Tamil,” Nandana said.

This unstable situation encouraged his wife to divorce her and live separately from her young daughter Krithika (Nandana Verma). However, when Krithika, who went abroad to continue her university studies, stayed with her for 10 days, the king tried to make her unforgettable, but I left behind four criminals (an Irfan who played the role of gang leader). A few years ago, bars took revenge on their farmer’s daughters and turned their dreams into a nightmare.

Rajavukku Check Family Drama Movie

Known for Mazhai (2005) and Hello Premistara (2007), director Sai Rajkumar made the project as director. The film was also the launch of Malayalam filmmakers Soman Pallatte and Thomas Kokkatt in the Tamil film industry.

There are rumors that Nandana Varma played Cheran‘s daughter in the film. It is said that this film will also focus on father-son relationships.

While filming began a few months ago, Tamil arrested for a strike in the film industry. Filming has now started again. According to reports, the producer is planning to release the film this year. The exact recording date explained depending on the type of recording.

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