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Neeya 2 Tamilrockers

Neeya 2 is a Tamil romantic horror film from 2019, written and directed by L. Suresh. Neeya 2 Tamilrockers movie produced under the slogan Jumbo Cinemas by Sridhar Arunachalam. The film includes Jai, Catherine Tresa, Raax Laxmi and Varalaxmi Sarathkumar.

The soundtrack was composed by Shabir, editor of Gopi Krishna, cameraman of Rajavel Mohan. It is the spiritual sequel to the 1979 Kamal Haasan Neeya film, released on May 24, 2019.

Three Actress in One Movie

One of the positive things about this film is that it is true to the genre and ignores unnecessary elements. Cinematography the greatest added value of films that have an average CG work in many scenes and whose music is not so bad. Raai Laxmi has more screenshots than others in the film and has good eyesight as an actor, who goes through several steps, while others are good.

“Neeya”, launched in 1979, a great success because it convinced the representative of Sri Lanka, Sri Priya, as a guilty snake who cruel the four men who killed her husband.

Kamal Haasan, Vijayakumar, Jai Ganesh and Srikanth played a negative role for the stars of that time. ‘Neeya 2’ is a spiritual continuation of the classic and unfortunately not positive if the audience touches the same way.

Neeya 2 Tamilrockers Movie Story

Shabir composed songs and background music for this film. The work of the film performed by Rajavel Mohan and the editing of the film Soumi Krishnan. The Scene Media Entertainment screen has received its theater rights from Tamil Nadu and the film premiere scheduled for December 2018.

The multiple returns and the weak scenarios make it difficult for the audience to identify with the characters. An ineffective highlight is disappointing due to an ineffective implementation. The first requirement for such an action is reliability and the film has little to do with it. A deformed serpent woman looking for her lover, who disappeared twenty years ago, began to find her love again.

Actor Jai

The girl, who constantly made a fake astrological map, also claimed that she had a curse and a married couple. When the truth came out, they went to Kodaikanal to compensate, but surprisingly there was something strange there, a woman who turned into a snake that destroyed the couple’s life at night.

Who he and what his relationship with Jai and why he wants to marry her, counted in the flashbacks and then about ‘Neeya 2‘.

When the couple moved to Kodaikanal to make Poojas, everything very hysterical, meaning that there no queues on the plane because Malar had to flee Chennai.

He even entered the complex where the couple were staying to ensure that Sarva was “inside”. And then the staff at the Malar establishment tried to drink just to sleep with him. Because of the last sunset, he became a python again and hissed.

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