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Kolaigaran Tamilrockers

Kolaigaran is the 2019 Tamil Indian action thriller movie directed by Andrew Louis de Leelai. Kolaigaran Tamilrockers films Arjun, Vijay Antony and Ashima Narwal play the leading roles, while Nassar and Seetha play the supporting roles. The music was published by Simon K. King.

The main photo for the film starts on June 5, 2018. The film follows an investigation that allegedly killed a woman and her mother after a broken body when their neighbors claimed it and that the police would have surprised.

Kolaigaran Movie First Look Poster

We announce that Vijay Antony and Arjun Sarja will work together for their next action movie “Kolaigaran.” And now the makers have released their first poster with Vijay  Antony and Arjun in the front and center.

This project is currently in the pre-production phase and the producers are still busy casting and the team, but this poster will certainly be happy with the release of the film for fans.

Vijay Antony shared his first glance on Twitter and wrote: “My classmate Andrew and the director were produced by my friend Pradeep to work with Arjun’s action king.”

Kolaigaran Movie Story

Vijay Antony has again proven to be a banker. Actors with good content, such as power, can let viewers watch the film. His latest film, Kolaigaran, was also victorious.

Kolaigaran came out with a good hype last weekend. After two of his films worked at the cash register, the Kolaigaran Tamilrockers industry didn’t have much hope, but viewers thrilled to see what the film had to offer.

Murder occurs when a woman killed by a stranger. Then the scene changes. Prabhakaran (Vijay Antony) and Dharini (Ashima Narwal) are neighbors and inadvertently greet each morning when they enter their workplace.

The actress starts filming in mid-June. “I feel comfortable with Tamil because I take acting lessons here. But I haven’t there for nearly two years, so I learned the languages ​​of my teacher who taught me Telugu. The filming continues until September, I hope I speak fluently.

Vijay Antony

While Vijay Antony composes the music for the film, the writer Thamizhanangu, who started with Kaali, will forced to write the lyrics. For the counter, Vijay Antony has a good list with Thimiru Pudichavan and Traffic Ramaswamy.

Andrew said that Vijay had not written films for Antony. “But even when I told him, I told him to think of Arjun as a different chef. Fortunately when I approached Arjun, he confirmed the script without hesitation. They are not typically the subject of a nasty hero; they can “It depends on your point of view. That is all I can say so far. “

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