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Aadai Tamilrockers

Aadai is a 2019 Tamil Indian thriller movie directed by Rathna Kumar. Aadai Tamilrockers produced by Viji under the production of V Studios. The soundtrack of the film was composed by Pradeep Kumar with the group Oorka (his debut in the direction of the soundtrack).

The star of the film is Amala Paul. The film, released on July 19, 2019, opened to positive reviews from viewers and critics. The film released on July 19, 2019.

Aadai First Look Poster

He strongly criticized by a conservative crowd who swore the frustration he first saw in his humility on tissue paper. Over time, he humiliated online and some people tried to kill his character after the teaser had started, where he appeared in nude scenes.

The splendor of many actresses who pursue women’s history remains with long lines. But the AADAI Amala Paul is something that can be considered inappropriate. Filmmaker Rathnakumar, known for his commercial success and having won praise from “Meyaadha Maan“, has written a story that will give the audience an intense experience.

Aadai Tamilrockers Movie Story

Misogini had no effect on Amala Paul and all the negative reviews made him a strong woman. After playing the actor, he applied to Aadai, 27, and caused a positive response in the film.

Geng Kamini celebrates his birthday party with fried rice mixed with mushrooms in an empty office building. When Kamini called her mother, she unknowingly realized that she had locked Jennifer in to prove her purpose.

Jennifer struggled with Kamini and asked her to read the nude news for her own account. Kamini began to undress and suddenly everyone stopped in the magic mushroom.

Heroic films seem to be the pleasure of this season, and Amala Paul is on the list of actresses who opt for daring roles rather than incidental appearances in films with big fans. He is currently making two films in Kollywood: Adho Andha Paravai Pola and Aadai. And for his role in the first, the actor received a lot of training to place himself in the position of a lost businessman in the woods.

Amala Paul

Without any sign of salvation, Amala Paul came on the scene to save the fate of the film from trouble. The actress released her salary and gave the financier large amounts for Aadai to touch the screen. What surprised people in the industry that the actress reached an agreement that allowed the film to start overnight.

Meyaadha Maan Director Rathna Kumar

Director Rathna Kumar made his debut with Meyaadha Maan, who succeeded in 2017. The film, including Vaibhav, Priya Bhavani Shankar and Vivek Prasanna, is based on the short film Madhu. With the smile of Meyaadha Maan, we expected a lot from Rathna Kumar’s second film, Aadai.

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